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Ayurveda – A Time-tested wellbeing

holistic life care

An ancient system of medicine not only promotes the prevention of the diseases but gives the systematic and substantial solution for all acute and chronic ailments. This system has been practiced in India through the ages and remains time tested through out the period. Having minimal or no side effects of the medicines it has got its own importance in maintaining the healthy life style by the doctrine which it provides.

HLC at its core operates this system very effectively by adopting pure and authentic concepts through Panchakarma and other Kerala based procedures. The department is mainly focused on all chronic diseases ranging from joint and spine disorders to various cancers.

The Department of Ayurveda in Holistic Life Care is over asserted with Changethu Ayurveda, the name enriched with seven hundred years of devoted history in Ayurveda.

Dr Sathish, a legend in Ayurveda, is expertise in treating effectively cervical and lumbar spondylitis & spinal problems, stress, anxiety, psoriasis, gynaecological problems viz. pcod, postnatal care, infertility, postmenopausal syndrome etc.

Uniqueness of holistic life care