Conventional Modern Medicine


Health is the prime concern for all the human being dwelling on this earth. It is the most basic need of everyone. But the question remains same as how? Many of the ways are prevalent ion current society. The most prevalent is the conventional modern medicine. Although, this system is popular world wide due to its immediate effect and effective emergency services, the adverse side effects of the medicines are so undesirable to continue the same for longer time

Secondly, the systems which are there in practice since ancient times are so effective to ensure the health naturally. Almost in every part of the world and in every civilization the healing methods were practiced to address the current health problems of those days. And successfully the issues were resolved. Fortunately till today, also it is equally effective to address contemporary health issues. This can be achieved without having any side effects or any kind of ill effects over health.

The concept of health is as ancient as the human civilization. The curious human mind always tried to explore the ways to stay healthy. Today, we will be discussing about the how the people in olden days were so healthy and how they were so successful in achieving their health?

Though the answer is simple, but the same time it requires deep insight to our day to day activities. We know that in olden days, not so back, just five to six decades before also the health matter was simple and easy to achieve. In my mind the reasons were quite logical. First that, the life style was simple. What does it mean? By saying simple life style, I mean to say that the the resources we are using today for our livelihood were minimum associated with intensive physical activities to obtain the same. The spending of energy to have two times of meals would be more than the energy gained through those meals. So, there was no chance of getting stored energy. This is the boon of simplicity.

Secondly, there was a great intimacy with natureā€¦ this we will discuss in next sessionā€¦